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They say that employees are a company’s biggest asset. Running a company is often on the shoulder of its employees, from the staff up to the management, each one is responsible. All companies, may they be a manufacturing company, IT company or construction company, are concerned in providing a good workplace health practice to their employees.

Healthier employees are not the only benefit of being health conscious and ensuring their workplace is safe, it goes beyond this. More work is accomplished faster by employees that are healthy and are assured of a safe working environment. This article will serve as a guide to companies on common workplace health practices that they can use to promote healthy and safe workplace for everyone.iso 45003

It is important to take a look on the mental and other possible psychological health issues that affects workplace health. Psychological issues or mental health problems usually arises when employee is experiencing a huge amount of stress, burnt out, or maybe some form of harassment or violence inside the workplace. An employee’s performance can be affected by any of the above mentioned scenarios, that is why it is important that they are immediately tackled.

It is normal for a person to feel stressed, but too much stress can greatly affect a person’s physical and emotional health. It is important that a company keeps an eye on the stress level of each employee, most especially during times that business is not so good, since this is when budgets are cut and mass layoffs are apparent. Common signs that workplace health is deteriorating because of stress are fatigue, losing interest to work, constant headaches, social withdrawals, trouble concentrating and employees are becoming irritable or depressed.

A good workplace health program will help enable combat stress in the work environment. Some great ways to manage employees’ stress are: having outdoor team building activities, company outings, sporting events between employees, or just have dinner with the group that may or may not be company sponsored. Giving employees the privilege to interact with each other without thinking about work would help improve the stress levels in the office.

Causes of psychological problems found in the working environment are usually overlooked, especially those that are not too obvious, such as verbal or emotional harassment. There are instances that a harassed employee keeps to himself or herself these types of harassment, but eventually he or she may exhibit signs that there are psychological to him or her. Repeated verbal and emotional abuse results to people having low self-esteem and less confidence, that is why workplace health policies should have zero-tolerance for any kind of harassment.

One more factor to consider in overall workplace health is the concept of burnout. Burnout is a term meaning the experience of long term exhaustion and diminished interest in any endeavor. Companies

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