Stair Chair Lift – Handicap Stair Lift For Freedom of Mobility

For those of us who have weak joints, bad backs or are simply physically incapacitated, climbing the stairs is no longer a simple daily activity. The steps never seem to end and the pain never seems to go away. And many of us tend to plan our day such that we use the stairs as little as possible. Indeed, if your physical condition has become a toil on your daily activities, it is time to make certain adjustments to help you live more comfortably with more freedom of mobility with a handicap stair lift.

Public buildings are mandated to ensure harga homelift freedom of mobility via the provision of the stair chair lift for the physically challenged individuals. However, there is no rule governing the same issue within private homes and hence are often no included in medical or health insurance claims. But if there is a personal need to be less dependent and have more personal freedom of mobility, a handicap stair lift is an option you could choose. And this is an alternative which is more budget friendly than installing a lift which could literally cost at least threefold more.

While there are many models, there are two main types you can choose from. The stair chair lift includes a carriage and a railing mechanism which carry one up and down the stairways via a motorized process. The benefit of this option is that the user is transferred onto the carriage, seated comfortably and being lifted effortlessly down or up the stairways. And in the area of aesthetics, the carriage could be folded and stashed away at the landing to ensure that other stairway users are not obstructed in anyway.

The alternative contraption less often used is the wheelchair stair lift or otherwise known as vertical platform lift. They function like a stair chair lift, yet provide other added benefits. The wheelchair bound does not need to transfer himself onto the carriage, rather, they simply need to wheel over to the platform, lock the wheels for safety and be literally transported to the next level of the home. It has an advantage in that it can be used to efficiently transport not only humans but also heavy goods and luggage up or down the stairs with ease/ This is a better option especially when you are considering installing a home lift which could run you into three or fourfold more. The key drawback is that of versatility in storing away the somewhat unsightly platform which are often fixed and not foldable.

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