PSP Movie Converter

Sony PlayStation Portable has truly become fully integrated into a multi-functional entertainment device for anyone no matter what you age is. And where you like to listen to music, watch videos or movies on the go, or playing games against the computer or other opponents. Its all up to everyone’s desire to satisfy their needs.movies123

Decades ago, playing games online seems to be the thing about gaming, but when Sony introduce PSP, it opens up a whole new arena and opportunity for retails, developers, and gamers to profit in their own ways. And watching movies on the move seem to be only possible when you have a portable DVD player with a LCD attached to it. And when mp3 sets the trend with portable music, the software developers took the next challenge and developed the technique or software to allow the PSP owners to watch their favorite video or movies on the move. And then PSP movie converters were born and developed for those who spend most of their time traveling, keeping them entertained for hours with their motion pictures.

Sony PSP does not playback movie formats straight from the DVD, Mpeg or any PC format so the PSP owner will need to have a PSP movie converter tools to simply convert the movies into PSP format for playing back.

On the internet anyone can find tons of providers who are giving away freely for anyone to download. Sad to say that most freely downloaded PSP movie converter comes with limited functions and capabilities. And every free PSP movie converter has its individual good points over another. These PSP movie converters are good in the following applications;

Ripping DVD

This type of movie converter will be able to convert movies from DVD and directly in PSP format for playback. It is actually ripping or extracting the movies off from the DVD disc.

PC format converting

This type of movie converter will be able to convert movie formats that are available to personal computer. Like Mpeg, AVI, dat, rm, codecs, and many more. And disappointed to discover most such software converter is only good at some of above format for converting to PSP format.


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